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                                    No. 38 West Lake Road, Hangzhou
                                    (opposite the Hangzhou Railway Station)
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                                    > HANGZHOU THIRD HOSPITAL VIDEO
                                    The Third People's Hospital of Hangzhou, founded in 1950, is a Grade Three municipal comprehensive hospital. It is the affiliated hospital of Zhejiang University of TCM, the Hangzhou Clinical Institute of Anhui Medical University, the graduate...CONT
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                                    As Li Bai said in his poem:”Glorious is the sunny spring, brightens it everything!”
                                    In this wakening and enlightening season, the Third People's Hospital of Hangzhou ushered in its 65th anniversary. Under the theme of being "grand, simple, happy" celebrate us the birthday of the hospital. On the occasion of this forthcoming event, I would like to express my gratitude to the leaders and friends in different fields for your concerns and supports in the past years. I would also give my respects to the hospital's veteran leaders, experts, and doctors...CONT
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                                    ADD:No. 38 West Lake Road, Hangzhou
                                    (opposite the Hangzhou Railway Station)
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